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Mothers® Speed™ All-Purpose cleaner packs a high-performance cleaning punch— powerful enough for the greasiest of jobs, even under the hood. But it doesn’t stop there. Its carefully crafted blend of non-ionic surfactants and highly effective cleaners are gentle enough to dissolve oils and tough stains embedded in your delicate carpet and upholstery. Perfect for cleaning carpets, fabrics, vinyl, engine compartments, fender wells, door jambs, factory/OEM coated wheels, hubcaps, tires, whitewalls and more.
Shake well before and during use. Begin with a cool, dry surface. Clean one area at a time. Do not let dry.
General Use: Begin with a cool dry surface.
1. Spray All-Purpose cleaner onto a clean, dry microfibre towel to distribute product evenly.
2. Turn to a dry area of towel and buff clean. Always keep a dry towel handy.
3. Heavily stained areas may require a second application.
Engine Degreaser. Allow sufficient dwell time for product to work.
1. Avoid areas that should not get wet such as the alternator, electrical wiring , engine’s air intake and exposed filters.
2. Spray All -Purpose cleaner liberally onto surface to be degreased. Allow to dwell for about 3 minutes. Heavily soiled areas may require agitation.
3. Thoroughly rinse area with hose pressure before proceeding to next area.
Note : Do not use on dyed or freshly painted surfaces. Avoid clear plastics. If product drying occurs, reapply to affected area and buff dry.

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