Every product on our website comes with warranty. Depending on the brand and product, the warranty will be either 12 or 24 months. Even if the product is slightly out of the warranty, we have very good relationships with our brands and most times are able to push these through. Generally we never get any warranties so we have never had to worry about it but it's better to know that you are covered by everything that AutoCave sells!

A few technical details:

Brakes: Brake pads will only be warranted if the discs are replaced at the same time. We cannot warrant squealing or rough pedal feel if you are using original discs with new brake pads.

Clutch Kits: Exedy & Xtreme do not offer warranty for heavy duty or racing clutch kits. For standard clutch kits, warranty is provided as long as the flywheel has been machined or replaced. If you are located in Sydney, we are able to machine your flywheel for a small fee.

 For more information, feel free to call Tom on 0450069788