Front Brake Package Mercedes-Benz C63s W205 AMG (14-22)


Sale price$1,049.00


*packages in stock currently running genuine Brembo ceramic or  REMSA high performance ceramic brake pads.

feel free to add a note to your order with which pad you would prefer. 

Born from racing technology and engineered with Bremtec’s unique HPC (Hyper Pillar Cooling) venting for improved airflow to increase thermal resistance to cracking and manufactured in High-Carbon for longer life and durability. Evolve F2S Brake Disc Rotors also boast Bremtec’s Hyper Groove Slotting for improved braking consistency and have a brake temperature paint applied to the edge of the rotor to monitor even easier the effects of your driving style. You can be confident that Evolve F2S is the new evolution of Performance Brake Disc Rotors

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