Meguiar's Basic Headlight Lens Restoration Kit G3700 - G2960

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Removes stubborn oxidation, yellowing and haze from headlights.
Restores crystal clarity.
No drill required.
Revives headlight appearance and improve night time visibility.
SHAKE WELL.Work on a clean, cool surface in the shade.
Recommended: Cover adjacent body panels with masking tape prior to sanding.
You provide:
Masking tape
Water (in a cup or spray bottle)
Note: Not intended for use on LCD, navigation screens, plastic convertible top windows or motorcycle windscreens.
Soak the 3 sanding pads in a cup of water for 1 minute, then locate the #1 pad.
Mist the lens with water and sand in an up and down motion with the #1 pad. Tip: Rinse sanding pads and lens with water often to extend life of pads.
Once the lens have a uniform frosted appearance, switch to the #2 pad, sanding in side-to-side motion.
Move on to #3 pad, sanding in an up and down motion.
Final sanding step, flip the pad to other side and use in a side-to-side motion.
Dry the lens, apply Meguiar’s PlastX polish to the included microfiber towel and polish thoroughly until no scratches remain and the lens are clear. Wipe off excess polish.

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