Mothers California Gold High Performance Car Wash - 655648

MothersSKU: 655648

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Elevate your car cleaning game with the all-new and improved Mothers California Gold High Performance Car Wash! Packed with a super-sudsing formula that'll make you feel like a pro, this car wash is here to take your vehicle's shine to the next level.
This high-performance marvel effortlessly tackles the road grime, contaminants, and dirt that have been dulling your car's paint. It's like a spa day for your ride, revealing that like-new shine you've been missing. What's even better? It's pH balanced and eco-friendly, so it's gentle on your car and the environment. You can use it without worrying about it stripping or harming your existing coating, sealant, or wax – talk about peace of mind! And if you're a fan of foam cannons, this car wash is your new best friend, creating mounds of luxurious suds that'll make your car washing experience even more enjoyable.

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