Mothers California Gold Micro Polishing Glaze 473mL - 658100

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Mothers California Gold Micro Polishing Glaze in a 473mL bottle is the key to enhancing the colour, depth, and clarity of your vehicle's paint. This specialised formula adds vibrant and luster to all paints and clearcoats, resulting in flawless reflectivity, which is particularly noticeable on dark-coloured vehicles.
This micro-polishing glaze plays a central role in the Ultimate Wax System by bringing together the deep cleaning and restoration benefits of Step 1 Pure Polish with the protective finishing touch of Step 3 Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax. This combination creates the ultimate shine, and the glaze excels at filling and hiding imperfections while delivering flawless reflectivity. The result is an exceptional wet look that makes your vehicle stand out with a brilliant and deep finish. Mothers California Gold Micro Polishing Glaze is the secret to achieving the ultimate shine for your car's paint.

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