Mothers Car Wash 946mL - 655632

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When it comes to keeping your car spotless, trust in the power of Mothers Car Wash in a generous 946mL bottle. This isn't just any car wash; it's a meticulously crafted solution that combines vigorous cleaning with the utmost care for your vehicle.
We know how important it is to protect your wax, which is why we've carefully balanced the cleaning power of our Car Wash. Now that your wax is shielded, you can confidently wash your automobile without worries. It's not just about creating a lot of bubbles; in fact, using regular soaps or dishwashing detergents might harm your wax or dull your paint.
Our car wash is different. It's tough on dirt, road film, bugs, bird droppings, airborne contaminants, and all the other grime that your vehicle encounters. But here's the magic – it does all that without stripping away your wax or dulling your paint. You can trust that your finish will remain as brilliant as ever.

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