Mothers Microfiber Applicator Pad 16.5cm - 6720300

MothersSKU: 720300

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Elevate your car care game with the Mothers Microfiber Applicator Pad. Measuring 16.5cm, this applicator pad is designed for superior performance and coverage, making your polishing, waxing, and ceramic coating application a breeze.
The secret to its success? The microfiber applicator pad features a soft foam core, ensuring an even and perfectly smooth application of your chosen surface care products. This means your car will be treated to a consistent, professional-quality finish every time.
For optimal results, make sure the pad is clean and dry before each use, and avoid mixing different products on the same applicator. If you want to keep your applicator pad in prime condition for the long haul, consider air drying it and giving it a gentle hand massage to keep it soft and ready for action.
This versatile pad is perfect for use with polishes, waxes, and coatings, and it even includes a hand pocket for maximum control. You can trust that it's safe for all surfaces, so whether you're working on your paint, glass, wheels, or more, this applicator pad is your go-to choice.

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