Mothers Microfibre Twist Drying Towel 70cm x 90cm - 6720220

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Get ready to change the way you dry your vehicle with the Mothers Microfibre Twist Drying Towel, a generous 70cm x 90cm cloth that's here to make your car care routine easier and more effective.
Here's how it works: after you've thoroughly washed and rinsed your vehicle, lay the drying towel on the surface with the twisted microfibre side down. Then, gently move the towel across the area to be dried. Thanks to the unique twisted microfibre weave construction, this towel has an incredible water-holding capacity, making the drying process a breeze. When it becomes saturated, just wring out the excess water as needed and continue to dry your vehicle until it's sparkling clean.
For longevity and best results, give the towel some extra love by air drying it and giving it a gentle hand massage. This will keep it soft and ready for action whenever you need it.

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