Mothers Mothers Microfibre Chenille Wash Sponge 23cm x 12cm x 5cm - 6720100

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Introducing the Mothers Microfibre Chenille Wash Sponge – your car's new best friend in the quest for a spotless shine. This 23cm x 12cm x 5cm sponge isn't just any sponge; it's like a gentle giant with soft fingers that safely lift away dirt and debris from your beloved vehicle.
This chenille wash sponge is a game-changer for all surfaces. Whether you're working on the paint, windows, or wheels, it's got you covered. Here's how to make the most of it: start by rinsing your vehicle to clear away loose contaminants. Then, saturate your Chenille Wash Sponge in your preferred washing solution and get to work, always starting from the top and working your way down for the cleanest results.
To keep your sponge performing at its best, remember to squeeze out the dirty water and rinse it frequently before dipping it back into your wash solution. This ensures you're always using a clean, effective sponge for the job.

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