Mothers Powerball 2 Metal Polishing Tool - 685143

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Get ready to unleash the power of shine with the Mothers Powerball 2 Metal Polishing Tool. This isn't just a polishing tool; it's a patented performance powerhouse that's about to revolutionize your metal polishing game.
We started with the original PowerBall, and we were determined to make polishing better, smarter, and faster. With the PowerBall 2, we've not only refined the shape but also elongated the ball to maximize the usable polishing area. This means you can achieve an unmatched shine with ease.
The PowerBall 2 is your ideal tool for polishing deep-dish wheels – a task that used to be unbearable is now completed in a matter of minutes. But we didn't stop there. We introduced the new 10" Quick Swap Bit extension, giving you total control to reach previously unreachable wheel surfaces, including rear-facing edges and contours.
Combine the PowerBall 2 with your favorite Mothers metal polish, and you'll witness the transformation of uncoated, polishable metal finishes into deep, mirror-like shine in record time. It's like having a professional-grade polishing tool right at your fingertips.

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