Mothers Powerball Mini MD - 685142

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Meet the first-ever specialty tool in the PowerBall family – the Mothers Powerball Mini MD (Metal Doctor). This innovative tool is designed to address the challenges of uncoated metal surfaces and make costly wheel repairs a thing of the past. With the PowerBall Mini MD, you can safely and easily remove tough scratches and stains from your polished aluminum and stainless steel parts, all while working with speed and confidence.
This tool is your go-to solution when you need to restore the shine and perfection of your metal surfaces. It's designed to be used in conjunction with Mothers PowerMetal Scratch Removing Polish, ensuring a seamless and effective process.
With the Mothers Powerball Mini MD, you can say goodbye to the frustration of scratches and defects on your metal surfaces. It's the specialized tool you need to ensure that your polished aluminum and stainless steel parts look their best, free from imperfections. Get ready to enjoy the brilliance and gleam of your metal surfaces with the Powerball Mini MD, your trusted companion for all your metal restoration needs.

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