Mothers Protectant Rubber Vinyl Plastic Care 473mL - 655316

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Mothers Protectant Rubber, Vinyl, and Plastic Care in a 473mL bottle is your go-to solution for long-lasting protection, preservation, and beautification of rubber, vinyl, and plastic surfaces. This versatile product not only enhances the appearance but also offers a protective shield that lasts for up to 30 days.
Mothers Protectant is designed to work wonders on various surfaces of your vehicle, including tires, bumpers, dashboards, door panels, running boards, and window trim. It's compatible with just about anything that's made of rubber, vinyl, or plastic.
What sets this product apart is its ability to beautify and safeguard these surfaces against even the harshest elements, ensuring your vehicle maintains that fresh, like-new appearance. It penetrates the material to restore and rejuvenate, offering superior protection that keeps your vehicle looking its best. Trust in Mothers Protectant to give your car the long-lasting care it deserves.

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