Mothers Ultimate Hybrid 1-Step Ceramic Clay & Coat Kit - 657260

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Prepare to transform your car's finish into a gleaming masterpiece with the Mothers Ultimate Hybrid 1-Step Ceramic Clay & Coat Kit. This isn't just another detailing product; it's a paint prep and protection system rolled into one, and it's about to take your car care game to a whole new level.
This kit marries the best of two worlds – tried-and-true car care methods and the natural protection of carnauba wax with the cutting-edge power of nano-quartz ceramic technology. No matter where you live, your car's finish is under constant attack from the likes of paint overspray, water spots, tree sap, bird droppings, and more. They might seem harmless, but over time, they can spell doom for your paint, leading to molecular breakdown and a dull, vulnerable finish.
The Ultimate Hybrid 1-Step Ceramic Clay & Coat Kit swoops in to save the day, stopping this damage in its tracks, restoring brilliance, and leaving your car's paint, chrome, glass, and smooth plastics with a super-hydrophobic, liquidy-gloss appearance that looks as if it's just been freshly coated.

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