Mothers Ultra-Soft Microfibre Pack - 6720420

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Elevate your car care routine with the Mothers Ultra-Soft Microfibre Pack – the key to achieving the absolute finest finish for your beloved vehicle. This pack contains six ultra-soft microfibre towels that excel at removing polishes and waxes, all while being safe for use on all surfaces.
The secret to their exceptional performance is the ultra-soft texture that's gentle on your car's surfaces. Whether it's your paint, glass, wheels, or more, these towels have got you covered. They make the process of removing polishes and waxes effortless, leaving your vehicle with a professional finish that turns heads.
For optimal results, remember to turn the towel frequently during your car care routine. This prevents the buildup of residue and dirt, which could potentially cause minor scratches. To keep your towels in top condition, consider air drying them and giving them a gentle hand massage to maintain their softness and longevity.

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