Toledo Concentric Puller 2/3 Leg (10 Ton)

toledoSKU: 246104

Sale price$659.13


The screw operated concentric action and self adjusting legs make it easy to use

Self-locking, self positioning legs and force screw

Can be used in a two or three leg format

Self positioning and self centring action prevents damage to gears or bearing shafts

Longer service life due to concentric action

Self-locking legs eliminate the danger of the puller legs slipping off under load

Prolonged service life with quality forged and durable parts

Ease of use saves operating time

One puller for two or three leg operations

Spread: 60-380mm

Reach: 250mm

Capacity: 10 tonnes

Weight: 9.6kg

Shaft Diameter: 7/8" x 14T

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